Mushroom and Kale Omelette


So I took that same mushroom ragout from my low-carb toad in the hole and I made a delicious omelette! I might like it even better this way.  It’s a tough call.


Start with a tsp of butter in a hot pan:


In a bowl, beat 2 eggs with a tbsp 35% whipping cream.  Whipping cream is the dairy product with the least amount of sugar.  For a low-sugar diet, it is better than any other form of dairy.


Pour it over the melted butter in the pan and let cook.


I only cook my omelettes on one side.  I spend a bit of time in France and while there, I really began to enjoy eggs that are soft and gooey.  That is what I’m going for with this omelette.  If you like yours hard-cooked, then perhaps reduce the temperature and cook it for longer or put it under the broiler to finish it off.


When it reaches the above colour/texture, that’s when I layer on that flavourful ragout from my previous recipe (warmed, of course).  Then I plate it, folding over one side of the egg.  Served with some greens with lemon and olive oil, it makes a delicious breakfast.  Enjoy!


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